Mi N70 y yo

Twitter, S60 and my brand new 5800

With my new Nokia 5800 phone, I needed to look for a new Twitter client. With my old N70 I was using  Twim but it didn’t workl with the 5800.

I found  The Guru’s Ultimate Guide To Twitter On S60  which is a nice survey of the available tools. I’ve tried several of them and the one I prefer is Snaptu. To tell the whole truth, it is more than a Twitter client: it has several widgets (mainly RSS related, nothing really interesing; what about an IMAP reader like the one that was available at the now reconverted Widsets?). It has a couple of problems: it lacks of a big button to refresh tweets and it has a weak session management: when it loses the session, it tries to reconnect but my experiencie says that it is better to go out and reload the applications. I’m, quite happy with it, anyway.

Another interesting app is Tweets60 but, for some reason, and after a couple of days of use it seems to have its ’memory’ full and it is not able to load new tweets. Since my first try Twibble has had some improvements (but it still has problems with the interface, since it is not specific to tactile devices).

If you are one of the old readers of this blog I beg your pardon: I’ve decided to switch to English. It was not in my ’todo’, but I’m always thinking that I should try to have a blog in (sort of) English. I believed that a blog like this could have a place in the Spanish blogosphere (I still believe it but maybe another person will be able to do it) but I’ll try to get a place in the English-speaking blogosphere. Or, at least, I’ll try to improve my English writing skills.
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